Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5th cake - finally

My pastor said '5' is the number of grace. Thank God, finally this is the successful cake. It tastes good and it is easier to make as compared to the earlier 4 cakes. I followed Bakingmom recipe, just put everything in the mixing bowl and beat... I think the trick is the sponge stabiliser and of cos grace grace.
There are 2 cakes in the picture, one is decorated and the other waiting to be dressed up :)

Never say Die - 4th sponge cake

The 1st 2 spongecakes were not edible, the cakes did not rise and were hard. The 3rd one was edible but ugly. This is the 4th. Looks ok but still not really successful as the cake is crumpy. Look is definitely deceiving!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My First Chocolate Cake

Not that this is the first chocolate cake I ever baked but this is the first chocolate cake that I have baked and ate. I was allergic to chocolate until 2 months ago... it disappeared.

My long time classmate has recently started a blog and shared a lot of recipes, I was so tempted by them that I eventually tried some of it. And I also chanced upon another blogger's site - Happy Home Baker - she is a stay at home mom and she is a great baker. I followed her recipe to make this delicious cake.

And, my long time friend, Shirley's blog is luxuryhaven. She gives cooking, shopping and all sort of interesting tips in her blog. It is my daily vitamin... I read her blog before I start my day. And her tiramisu recipe is very very great. Thanks Shirley

Just one

This is one and only... I made for my son, exclusively

New Magnets

My latest painted tiles