Sunday, July 29, 2007


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Aqua marine teardrop with swarovski crystal. Earring measures 4 cm. I could feel the rain drop on my window

Saturday, July 28, 2007


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The sheep tile is for my son, he loves balloons and he is such a joy. The butterfly and sunflower ... ha ha was funny. I wanted to paint a bee with the words 'Bee-lieve' but it ended up as a butterfly. Must be my tiring eyes after lasik. Thank God that Sharon pointed that out or I will be a 'butter-lieve' ha ha

Christmas Collection

Christian Collection
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I know it is still early but my christmas bells are already ringing. Anyway, just 2. One showing the magnificent Gos's love and the other a Christmas Wonderland


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This is half the complete set, the other 2 tiles are 2 little caterpillas that will have the kiddies names but I haven't have the time to complete it. This is drawn for my good friend and my sister-in-christ, Sharon and her hubby, Jeremy.
The tiles can also be sold separately and if you have more or less family members, don't worry, we only need a little more imagination here. :)

Precious ones

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Yeh, you are the star! Owned it and how about having your name on it?

Happy Puppy

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This is an example of how we can use different phrases on same or ah-hem almost the same picture.
How about 'Thank You', 'Cheer-up', 'You are blessed'. 'Be my Puppy' or simply your name

Madly in Love

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The message is direct, I am madly in love with you!

Precious Creations

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These are some of the tiles with lovely and cute animal drawings. Words can be changed to suit your needs. Isn't it nice to be reminded that you are blessed and precious in God's eyes?

Christian tile

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Vibrant colours - very unusal of me to do such a combination as I am basically a pastel color lover. But this definitely brighten your fridge and keep us remember of the many colors of God blessings and miracles and not forgeting the PEACE of God. Hmmm... colorful yet a sense of serenity

Tile Magnet

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Every piece is hand drawn and painted with porcelaine paint and baked at 150 degree celcius for 30 minutes. It is scratch resistant and measures 2" by 2".
There will be more close-up pictures of the tiles in the next few postings.
Tiles can be customised according to your preference without burning your pocket

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Lamp - $18
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Brown leather necklace with artistic glass bead. Bead has dash of brown, green and blue. One piece only

Lamp - Close up

Lamp - Close up
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Black leather necklace with red glass bead. One piece only.


Rose colored bead with clay rose and green swarovski crystal.

Golden Merry Too

Golden ring with tear drop glass beads. Available in green too

Golden Merry

Golden ring with 2 grey sworosvki crystal and tear-drop glass beads. Also available in other colors

Little Green Fairy - SOLD

Little green beads with clay flower bracelet for little girl. Elastic and adjustable

Monday, July 9, 2007

Twinkle Little Orange Star

Another bright and lovely clay figurine where you can slip photos and notes in that shining star. Star is made from soft light clay.

Also available in many colors... yellow, purple, green, pink, blue and many more.

Twinkle Twinkle blue star

A soft clay figurine to brighten your day. You can slip note pad or even photo in that mighty hand.

Mighty hand and clay available in many other colors

Silver Ribbon

Silver ribbon with tear-shaped swarovski crystal.


Shell with clay rose and green glass beads. Spring is here


Similar to the earlier pair, this one has a green stone. Elegant

Tell me the time - SOLD

Watch with swarovski crystal

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Splashing - $10

Duckings splashing in the pond. Made from FIMO clay. Comes with a clip to hold your memo or even photograph

Sun Magnet

Sun, beautiful sun ray. A symbol of hope and light

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wave - SOLD

Silver with swarsoksi crystal. Unfortunately, I did not capture the real beauty here

Pink Flower

Silver plate flower with pink glass bead.
The pink bead has shades of brown. Unique color.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Pink stone with white clay rose and green crystal.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Silver bell

Silver ribbon with black swarovski crystal. Available in many other colors (u name it).
Length can be varied according to order

Black rose beauty

Pewter rose with black stone.


Pink Glass Beads with green little flower.


Silver plated with gray swarovski crystals. ALso available in other crystal. (u name it)